Pork Sunday

Pork Sunday Two 6 oz. pork chops, grilled to perfection with apple sauce on the side, served with two sides. With eggs before 1 pm. $9.95

Prime Saturday

Prime Saturday A King’s cut of Prime Rib, served with mashed potatoes or baked potato and veggies or salad. $12.95 Served after 4 pm.

Have You Tried Our Food Challenge?

Ob’s food challenge is not easy… but if you prevail you will join the ranks of an elite few who have finished 10 tacos in one night. Your name will forever be engraved on the wall, and people will see you name as the walk in. Many have tried, few have made it.. can you do it? Ask about the …

FIFA World Cup at OB’s Manhattan Beach

Enjoy all World Cup games from south Africa at OB’s Manhattan Beach. OB’s is the official South Bay World Cup Headquarters with dozens of TV’s, domestic and international beers, great food serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Don’t miss a single game and join us at OB’s Pub & Grill.